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- Accounting services for natural and juridical persons
- Accounting services for VAT-registered firms
- Accounting policy
- VAT declarations, records and protocols
- Account, statement of income and expenses, turnover payroll
- Annual and intermediate accounting report
- Calculations and cost price
- Accounting of import and export
- Accounting of Transactions within the Community
- Accounting of the movement of goods and materials
- Preparation of inventories
- Accounting analysis of profits, costs and revenues
- Lasting assets and amortization
- Payment and bank documents
- Labor contracts and registrations at National Revenue Agency
- Payrolls for work salary and sheets
- Payrolls for insurances and taxes
- Civil contracts, accounts for paid sums
- Schedules for work and vacation
- Certificate for income and experience
- Certificates for retirement
- Job descriptions and orders
- Rules for internal work order
- Occupational and insurance license




- Registrations and re-registration of firms of Bulgarian and foreign citizens
- VAT registration of firms
- Contracts for sale trade of shares
- Merger of firms
- Transformation and change in the circumstances of the company
- Letters of attorney and reauthorization
- Contracts for rent, order, service, assignment and others
- Contracts for financial aid
- Consultations on tax law
- Consultations in connection to banks and finance




Customers review

I have placed my trust on the professionalism of the work at accounting house "SCHETBUL" for the accounting services and financial consultations for 15 years. "SCHETBUL" is an accounting house from the dreams, for the most perfect accounting, "SCHETBUL" makes you the best and saves you from your inconveniences.
Peter Todorov - manager of "PLAM PIP" Pltd.

During the 10 years of collaboration with "SCHETBUL" And GP "JOKOM", the firm has always received professional and quality service in the area of accounting services. The whole team of "SCHETBUL" has always welcomed and solved our problems quickly and with a high level professionalism. GP "JOKOM" thanks the employees of the accounting house for their responsiveness and hopes for their professional relations to continue.
General Partnership "JOKOM"

I have been working with accounting house "SCHETBUL" for more that 15 years. I'm very satisfied from the competency and professionalism of the team! I recommend it to everyone, as a precise, proper and trustworthy partner.
Hrizantema Mladenova and "Milen 85" Pltd.

"SCHETBUL" is our trustworthy and competent partner in the contemporary business. From the accountant I expect accuracy, precision and correctness. With "SCHETBUL" I believe I have achieved that! We are glad to be a part of their client base.
Emil Georgiev - manager of "Take" Pltd.