Our work guarantees your success!

Accounting house Schetbul was founded in May, 1993 and has been an important and trustworthy partner for its clients in their business ventures for 20 years. The responsibility and professionalism in what we do, guarantee precise and successful financial-accounting processes.
Acting as a consultant and due to conducted economic analysis Schetbul provides timely and correct solutions to the emerging situations. The individual approach to every client, combined with the accumulated experience, contribute to the creation of the needed organization for collaboration. The ethics and trust built with our clients promote consistency and friendship in the relations. Always scrupulous and thorough to perfection we perform unreservedly our mission to be a main factor in the business development of those who have put their trust in us. Obeying the laws and applying contemporary methods of informational services, we are always ready to answer your needs. Caring for your finance and accounting, we aim to flawlessly guarantee your success.
A team of 7 /seven/ accountants in a professional and motivated manner perform daily their duties and provide accurate and timely information to our clients. Five of them have worked in Accounting house Schetbul for 5 to 20 years. The accounting services, that we offer are in the spheres of trade, production, tourism, transportation, intra-community supplies in the European Union and others. The clients of Schetbul are not only local, but also foreign firms. The Manager of the Accounting house is Evelin Jordanov – trained master in accounting, specializing in business and financial law, and possessing a qualification of an expert in forensic accounting and financial price expert reports.

Customers review

I have placed my trust on the professionalism of the work at accounting house "SCHETBUL" for the accounting services and financial consultations for 15 years. "SCHETBUL" is an accounting house from the dreams, for the most perfect accounting, "SCHETBUL" makes you the best and saves you from your inconveniences.
Peter Todorov - manager of "PLAM PIP" Pltd.

During the 10 years of collaboration with "SCHETBUL" And GP "JOKOM", the firm has always received professional and quality service in the area of accounting services. The whole team of "SCHETBUL" has always welcomed and solved our problems quickly and with a high level professionalism. GP "JOKOM" thanks the employees of the accounting house for their responsiveness and hopes for their professional relations to continue.
General Partnership "JOKOM"

I have been working with accounting house "SCHETBUL" for more that 15 years. I'm very satisfied from the competency and professionalism of the team! I recommend it to everyone, as a precise, proper and trustworthy partner.
Hrizantema Mladenova and "Milen 85" Pltd.

"SCHETBUL" is our trustworthy and competent partner in the contemporary business. From the accountant I expect accuracy, precision and correctness. With "SCHETBUL" I believe I have achieved that! We are glad to be a part of their client base.
Emil Georgiev - manager of "Take" Pltd.